Take Courage and Be Of Good Cheer

Hello and thank you for stopping by. Are you worrying again? Stop it!

I know it's difficult right now with the crazy economy and the upset in the world. Do not worry, God will help you. Ask Jesus to be by your side and He will! Do not give up at this time, you must take courage and give it all to the Lord. He will take your upset and give you peace.

Be of good cheer and know that He is watching over you and you are in His Favor! Stand in His presence and know that God is Good and Jesus is Lord!

He is coming back very soon, be ready! Even though you are going through a problem right now, just step back and stop lamenting over it. Whatever you focus on expands! Shout Grace to your problem and start thanking God. Watch Him work it out for you.

It's going to get better - you will see.

Say this:
Thank you Jesus for taking my problems and worries from me. You died for my sins and rose again. You sit with God in the Throne Room and one day soon you will return with your angels to take us home unto You. Thank you for always being there for me. Thank you for being the Alpha and Omega - the First and the Last. I give you my all and may I be a blessing back unto You. Holy Spirit - Put me on a fast from worry and doubt. Help me to have Jesus thoughts. Restore in me the joy of Your Salvation. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

Stay in the Word!

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