Hearing God

My sister gave me a great devotional book back in 1988, titled Hearing God, by Lory Basham Jones. Although it's out of print, I still read it. Each day seems to be exactly what you need to hear.

Here is today's devotional for January 17th:


By your endurance you will gain your lives (Luke 21:19).
Lord, I am so slow to learn full control over my mind and emotions, over my thought life. Yet, I thank You for what You have already worked in my soul.

Look up, lift your head, for your full redemption of soul draws near. As you abide in Me, practice My presence and live out My Word, you fashion a thicker shield of faith. So be quick to learn! For every worry or impatience, care or fear that enters your mind, apply My cleansers of praise, love and trust immediately. Bring into captivity every thought, for your adversary chooses to rule first in the mind and emotions. Let the mind of Christ rule in you. Cast down every thought which creates fear and doubt. Do not strive. Do not rush. In your patience, you will possess your soul; and your heart will never fail for fear. (Read II Corinthians 10:4-5.)

Excerpt from Hearing God by Lory Basham Jones

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